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For young people, the internet and social media are things that will undoubtedly be important in their lives as they grow. Of course, there are both good and bad sides to this, and while our children’s generation will have better ways to stay connected, a better affinity with technology, and more options when it comes to how they want to work and live as adults than any generation before them, with the benefits come the negatives.

It is our job as parents to help our kids get the most advantages from the internet without being exposed to the bad sides before they're old enough to make their own choices about their online lives. As the father of four daughters under the age of 12, I thought long and hard about a way to teach them about social media and technology in a way that would enrich their lives, feed their curiosity about the web, and give them exposure to positive online interactions, and eventually came up with the idea of having them work with me on our ecommerce venture TheBraceletShoppe.com.


Why Running TheBraceletShoppe.com Together Offers a Unique Learning Experience for Four Ambitious Little Girls

My four daughters, Riley, Madison, Ashley and Emma, are all involved with the running and promotion of TheBraceletShoppe.com, from helping to choose products for our range through to working with me to manage the website, finances and social media accounts. As we work together, I get to teach them how to do everything from using a spreadsheet and adding content to a website, through to using Twitter and Facebook. This means they are picking up all kinds of IT and business skills as well as having fun picking, promoting and selling bracelets they themselves love. They also get to experience social media at its best – building a following, posting positive, meaningful content, and engaging with our customers, rather than reading mindless, random posts, picking up false information or worrying about things like cyber bullying.


The Huge Benefits I Hope TheBraceletShoppe.com Will Give My Daughters

Every child is different, and my four girls are no exception, so the impact this venture will have on their futures will probably be different for each of them. If it helps them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and believe they can achieve great things by trying out their own business ideas in future, I will be very proud. If the store is profitable enough to help pay for their college tuition when they are older, this will also make a big difference to their futures. At the very least, though, I hope that the project will give me a chance to show them the best aspects of social media and the web, and help them think of them in the right way once they get into their teens and inevitably start living online! Of course, it is also great to spend some quality time together working on something we all find really exciting.

We hope that you find a bracelet for yourself or your significant other but if you don't then you can always email us a photo or idea and we'll hunt something down for you! You can contact us at support@thebraceletshoppe.com. We love hearing from our visitors, positive or constructive criticism always welcome!

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